Tuesday, March 4, 2008


C & O ad-ventures, a mainstream design & advertising agency in Thrissur as part of its social responsibility and love for nature & environment has opened up the doors of our design suite to all nature lovers and eco - friendly people who have ventures in these fields and need quality design support. C & O ad-ventures will undertake and execute designs free of cost to all individuals and instituitions in Kerala on a first come first serve basis and in a reasonable time frame. For more details do visit our Office on Pallikulam Road, Thrissur
Mob : 9895039531
C & O ad-ventures is planning to have an offspring "Green Designs" dedicated purely to promote eco-friendly activities, eco-parks, eco-tourism, green-holidays and much more.... to get more insight into the green portals of nature.....
C & O ad-ventures is also willing to share its literature and brochures on Eco systems, Botanical Gardens and Landscaping Catalogues for the common good.