Thursday, July 24, 2008

OOH & Screenery media, Kochi

OOH is OUT OF HOME Media and encompasses all outdoor medium of advt. including Flex Hoardings, other Billboards and Signboards with a huge helping of your creative juices that can flow freely from one medium to another and perhaps spill over to the surroundings and take everything possible into its stride to hammer the message deep into the mind of the viewer. It is a fantastic application to get the maximum eyeballs and turn every other advt. medium look like peanuts. It is very engaging, interactive and has tremendous recall.
What Screenery has done is nothing but the usual Flatbed Truck Billboard with Malabar Gold, Mohanlal and that outdated Hemamalini and daughter on board. The Flatbed Truck Billboard is being kicked out of the Metros. So are the regular Flex hoardings. Decorating a Bus Shelter is no big deal. Screenery is yet to show some real stuff.

Screenery Media, Kochi

Glad to see your presence in Outdoor Advertising Magazine. Great to hear that you bagged the OOH Media Marketing rights for the VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008 - 09 for Kochi.But your advt. in the Outdoor advt. Magazine depicts just simple OOH solutions like Malabar Gold on a Truck Flat bed, Vodafone in the Bus shelter, and Idea Mobile Flex on the Lamp Post. We are more serious on creative OOH ideas and the files attached are proof of it.We are coming up with more OOH solutions for my clients very soon.A new player on the OOH front boasting of such investment and infras should come up with more commendable and creative ideas...
Screenery Media Pvt. Ltd. is formed by the pooling of the talents from Jaycee, Century, Outlook, Travancore and Delta ; all the leaders in their domain headed by Mr. Jayachandran of Jaycee.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Award Goes To

Attached is a OOH Design done by C & O ad-ventures in November 2007 for their Flex hoarding on Chalakudy - Athirapilly Road, Kerala. The same idea is executed by TIEMPO BBDO, Spain for their client TOYOTA for the PRIUS model.

C & O has many OOH solutions and is trying to propagate this highly creative meduim to the clients who can appreciate the difference.

Onam Compliment / Desktop Display

Another nice Onam Desktop item from C & O ad-ventures. A bag made in paper, it is a visual treat for Onam with the Pookkalam and Sadhya. Keep this on your Office Table, Home or it can be used to give away your light products/services.

Contact us to order in bulk. We also do customised articles for the festive season.

May Flower

The Photo of this Tree fully laden with May flowers was taken last May in Thope stadium on the Road side. Now all that remains there is a mighty trunk and the Tree was put to axe by the "developers". Another Tree stands next listening for the footsteps of the axe men.

It was a real feast for the eyes of the passers by who travels on the Thrissur - Kuttanellore Road. A lot of shade for the people nearby and the users of the stadium.