Monday, June 25, 2012

Exclusive Wedding Invitation Designs

In India, beautiful and very expensive Wedding Cards can be purchased from the shops. But this is available to every one who has money. Those who are looking for Exclusive Wedding Invitations, Graphic designers can create highly sophisticated designs to bring that edge. Wedding Invitations can be done with exclusivity in Offset & Colour Laser Printing methods. It can have a particular shape die cut and folded to make it a unique design. We have done some in the shape of a heart and Wedding Rings etc. Any shapes associated can be incorporated in the design and die cut to make an attractive design. Special imported Papers and Laminating those will make it a premium design. Please call 9895039531 for designing such Wedding Invitations and Invitations for other occasions in life.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Logo Design for Medical Laboratory and Clinic

Label Design for MIG Welding Electrode

Cheque Leaf Design for Bank

Brochure Design for Thrissur Jewellery

Free Lessons on Graphic Design and Advertising

For Aspiring Designers and Creative Folks, we will give some hands on training and tips to improve your skills in Graphic Designing and Creatives. With our in house Design Team and other facilities including free reference material, it will be a boon to anyone who wants to learn Graphic Design and Advt. from scratch. Please call 9895039531 for details.

Website Vs Blog Which is Better

Owning a Website is a fashion today. Companies create a Website and most of them leave it just like that. No update of any Products or Services after one year. Some of them renew it for 1 or 2 yrs and then  leave it for fate. Where as creating a Blog especially on owned by Google is a great plus for any Business or even an Individual. The high end and sophisticated SEO and other Search optimisation tech. of Google will enable your Blog to show up in the Top listings of any potential customer. I have my own personal experience of my Blog which is now seeing an average of 300-400 hits daily. My site only contains Design related content. No "alluring " Pictures or Text. We are ready to design, update and maintain a Blog for any individual or Company on a very competitive price. Own a Blog and forget your Website. This is the new mantra for the Business World.

OOH Designs for Jayalakshmi Silks Thrissur

Finally OOH Designs are in Thrissur with Jayalakshmi bringing our some Flex Hoardings and Bus Stop Shelters in which the Models Head is protruding out of the Flex 1 or 2 feet. Just a simple design. The Saree in a circular pattern is also projected some inches up from the Flex base. OOH which was introduced in India perhaps a decade ago took so much time to hit Thrissur. Creative juices are yet to flow on the OOH front in Thrissur.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Ad Agencies springing up in Kerala

The competition in Advt. business is hot these days. Well established Ad agencies are seeing new players with good talent stealing a good chunk of their business overnight. Several new names are seen in Kochi and other parts. Clients are also trying to experiment this new agencies for a better deal and security of their account. No monopoly possible these days. An agency called "Very local" is seen handling the account of Jayalakshmi along with Team One. V - Guard also changed Guard with long term AOR Media Mate opening its doors to new players as well.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Internet and Mobile Browsing for Services on the Rise

People using Internet and Mobile for searching services they require are increasing day by day. Keralites and Thrissurites are calling me on a daily basis for Design related services. This is a good sign for those who have Websites and Blogs and listings on Yellow Pages and other Trading Sites like India Mart etc.

The recent flooding of Smart Phones, Tablets, Fast Internet on Mobiles and Laptops are enabling people to browse for what they are looking for and send an e-mail inquiry or call directly the Service Provider. People were reluctant and they still are to look in the Internet for a Service. They will rather look in the Telephone directory or Yellow pages.

But now there are signs of change...!!


Flyer for Play School

Carry Bag Design for Jewellery

Dental Ceramics and Prosthetics Lab Brochure

Wednesday, June 6, 2012