Friday, December 27, 2013

Season's Greetings

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Skyline Infinity Flat for Sale

8th floor apartment for sale in Skyline Infinity off Avenue Road, one of the posh areas in Thrissur City. Fully finished with top quality fittings and detailed interiors. Pls call George 9895039531.

BMW 5 Series for Sale

Navy Blue BMW 5 series sedan for sale. Very Good condition. Pls contact George 9895039531

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

C & O ad-ventures: Ambi Pur Air Effects Hawaiian Flowers Air Refreshner

C & O ad-ventures: Ambi Pur Air Effects Hawaiian Flowers Air Refreshner

Ambi Pur Air Effects Hawaiian Flowers Air Refreshner

The new Air Freshner from Ambi Pur Hawaiian Flowers is a remarkable fragrance so fresh and inviorating that I spray it before I go to sleep. I use it in my Childrens bedroom as well before they go to sleep. It soothes them and give them a fresh approach to sleep. The smell is magical and I am sure Ambi Pur has succeeded in harnessing the natural scent of wild Hawaiian flowers. The bottle also comes in a new shape with a beak. This line named as Air Effects will sweep all the Sales records. It is an instant Hit. All the best to Ambi Pur brand.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Office of C and O ad-ventures

The new Office of C & O ad-ventures was blessed on 23rd Nov 2013. A great moment in our path as we entered our 10th year. Thank you all.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Platinum Day of Love

Platinum is one of the most expensive metals available on earth. It is rare and hard to find and hence priceless. Platinum is usually related to something eternal due to these exclusiveness. True Love is also pure, everlasting and eternal. So Platinum is the most preferred gift of Love. It surpasses the beauty and glitter of any other metal and stone. Gifting a Platinum ornament to your Love shows your pure and everlasting bond to her. I would love to gift a simple but pretty piece of Platinum jewelry to my lover on her birthday. I prefer Platinum above all other jewelry articles. Be it Gold, Silver, Diamond or precious stones. The glitter and radiance of Platinum is marvelous. It is acknowledged by any Jewelry designer. Girls also prefer Platinum and love to wear an ornament made of Platinum. It is a fashion accessory that is envied by others. Platinum will fetch immediate attention of everyone. It stands above the rest. I would love to gift my love with a Platinum pendant in the shape of Love. It has to have a white gold band around her neck with a cute and little heart shaped pendant. I will take my love for a trip to an exotic tropical beach. We will have a candle lit dinner on the beach with the setting sun as the background. The quiet waves will be whispering I Love You. So will I ... and that moment I will surprise her and present her with the Platinum Pendant as a token of my pure, everlasting and eternal love.

Monday, October 28, 2013

C & O ad-ventures: An Immune India

C & O ad-ventures: An Immune India

C & O ad-ventures: An Immune India

C & O ad-ventures: An Immune India

An Immune India

The house of Dabur is initiating an awareness programme to increase the immunity in the growing population especially the Children of India. Children are the future assets of any nation and developing their immunity, health and well being is the responsibility of their parents, school, government and the Society itself. Dabur has gone a step further to promote this idea through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of "An Immune India". Dabur is the worlds largest Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer and have consumer products in Ayurveda and other health care segments. Dabur Chyawanprash is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine that can boost your immunity. Its main ingredient, Amla or Gooseberry is an elixer and a tonic to boost the body's immune system. Amla is an good antioxidant and has several curative medicinal properties. Children are generally highly vulnerable to diseases due to the developing state of their immune system. They are bombarded with several bacteria and viruses in their day to day life at home, school and outdoors. The high level of pollution, climate change, fast and changing lifestyle of both children and parents can have a devastating effect on a child's health. If their immune system is weak, they will contact diseases very quickly and fall sick. So the parents must be very careful to give their children a complete and balanced diet. Food that they eat daily may not meet the daily requirements of Vitamins, minerals and other natural immunity building diet. They have to be supplemented by other sources like medicines and tonics from time to time. Today's Consumer market is flooded with thousands of Medicines and Tonics that claim to boost the immunity and build stronger bones, muscle mass and overall growth of a child. They are not up to the mark usually and can even harm your child in the long term. Side effects of some medicines like obesity, lowered metabolism, sluggishness and decreased feel good factor are other negative aspects of highly advertised medicines. Children are generally reluctant to eating home made food. They are influenced by the junk foods on the street and heavily advertised and endorsed by the industry. Parents have to force feed their children often and this will not give the desired results. Children in most western countries are experiencing the dangers of obesity and decreased performance levels and this will lead to under performing nations in the near future. Here comes the importance of Ayurveda and its centuries old history in restoring health and healing the human body naturally without any side effects. They promote the importance of prevention is better than treatment of an ailment. Ayurveda is the best medicine you can rely upon when it comes to immunity. Amla is called the Elixir of Ayurveda. Chyawanprash formulated by sages some 5000 years ago are the best medicine known to mankind to boost your immune system. Dabur has brought out Dabur Chyawanprash with Amla and several other wonder herbal drugs to improve the metabolism and thereby promoting the immunity and well being of the human body. Its sweet taste and fast action will usher in a new breath of life to anyone. You will feel the energy rush and ready for action state of your body once you start the Chyawanprash regimen. Your Child will love the magical power of this wonder medicine. He will perform visibly superior in his academics, sports and outdoor activities. That will give him a greater level of confidence and sense of pride. Give your children this added benefits of immune power and strength and that will build a stronger and healthier generation India will be proud of.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ayurveda Diabetes Medicine Poster

Dhatreenishaadi Choornam A highly recommended Ayurvedic medicine from the Ashtavaidya stable of Thrissur Thaikat Mooss' SNA OUSHADHASALA, Thrissur

ONASADYA Poster Design

Onasadya at Hotel Merlin Thrissur

Onam Advt Design

Onam Scratch and Win Card

Tamil Advt for Jewellery

Kerala Fashion Jewellery in Marthandam and Udumalpet is a favorite place for both Malayalees and Tamilians for traditional and antique Kerala style jewellery. It has a vast collection of 916 Hallmarked Jewellery as well as Diamond and Silver collection in most modern and light weight trendy designs.

Regency Club Kuttanellur Magazine

REGENCY NEWS September 2013 issue design

Search for Kerala Food on Kothiyan website

A Unique Website for searching Kerala Food being launched tomorrow called You can search for the most popular eateries in Kerala and get the choice food just by clicking on this website. There will be search options for Veg and Non veg food and the Hotels where you can find the tastiest food. Ratings and Views will be posted along with Google Map directions to reach the place.

Brochure Design

Road Safety Flex

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BRD Car World NRI Offers for 2013 Onam

Invitation design for BRD Aluva Showroom

Invitation Design for INKEL Tower 1

Logo for INES Broadband Internet Thrissur

INFO NEXUS e SERVICES Pvt. Ltd is a Pudukad, Thrissur based high speed broadband Internet service provider. The firm has tied up with rail wire of Indian Railways to roll out Hi-speed Internet services.

Biriyani Fest at Hotel Merlin Thrissur

The Ramzan special Biriyani Fest Menu design for Hotel Merlin International, Thrissur

New Logo for Arunima Restaurant Thrissur

Arunima Restaurant is a popular restaurant near New Church, Thrissur and is our neighbour. They contacted us to design a new identity for their restaurant and catering business.

BRD Car World Showroom at Aluva

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jayalakshmi Silks

Jayalakshmi Silks is on a roll and others in the Textile industry is feeling the intense heat. So are the advertisers. Team One of Kochi handling the Jayalakshmi account was surprised to see a new kid on the block "very" snatching their piece of cake. Then came Takashi Waltar and recently Dentsucomm becoming the AOR. This gives a shiver down the spine of the agencies who are handling Top clients. No one knows when the hawk will come to snatch the chicken.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visiting Card for is a website coming up soon with Food related information in Kerala with mouth watering photos. It includes Hotels and Restaurants, Thattukadas, Food joints and small eateries serving delicious food and beverages hot and cold. It will give you recipes and ratings of food listed on the website in just one click. You can search for Veg and Non Veg food serving outlets near you. What is on their Menu and much more info. Major Hotels supports the initiative and already has a huge fanfare in Facebook and other Social Media.

Onam Theme based Designer Frock

Tired of the usual Kasavu Pavada for Onam. Gift your daughter with a Unique and never seen before Onapudava. C & O fab-ventures is coming up with a Limited edition of Onam Designer Frocks. Order now to be the early bird.

Unique and Simple Frock Designs

Frocks in Jute, Raw Silk, Cotton, Tissue,Velvet, Corduroy, and many other fabrics. The largest collection of Theme based frocks for Onam, Christmas, Baptism, Holy Communion, Wedding, Birthday and other Party wear. C & O fab-ventures. Fashion Consultants and Designers in Thrissur, Kerala.

High Fashion Dress Designs

Looking for Unique Dress Designs for your girl ? Here is one Designer in Thrissur, Kerala who can fit the bill. We have highly adorable Frock designs for your lovely daughter. We are equipped to meet the NRI requirements of quick and fast delivery and meeting high quality standards and unique designs every time. Haute Couture in Frock Designs. C & O fab-ventures.

Kids Frock and Dress Designs

Cute and highly adorable dress and Frock designs for kids and Teens.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Onam Designs

Onam is approaching and I can see the traffic on my blog pointing to Onam design searchers. Mallus all over the world will go hay wire during Onam and want to show off in every aspect. NRI's will spend huge sums of money to celebrate Onam with great pomp. C & O ad-ventures is planning for some standout Onam gifts and articles to display in offices and shops. 3D designs and OOH media will be our special focus. Call us on 9895039531 for details.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

OOH Design for Smart Phone

This OOH Design was planned for the Store front of Southern Smart Touch in East Fort Junction, Thrissur. It would catch lot of eyeballs especially at night. The iPhone Package was to be made in Acrylic with Lighting inside.

Logo Design in Thrissur Kerala

Southern Smart Touch Inauguration Invitation Design

The Inauguration Invitation Design for Southern Smart Touch was done in 300 GSM art card and was die cut to resemble the Tab. It was appreciated by many.

Teaser Flex designs for Southern Smart Touch

Although the Teaser Flex designs did not come out as per our plans, the first one was noted by many passersby through East Fort Junction, Thrissur.

Flex Board design for Southern Smart Touch

This 5 x 3 Ft. Flex boards were hung on KSEB Posts around Thrissur to announce the inauguration of Southern Smart Touch at East Fort, Thrissur. The Store is showcasing the latest Mobiles from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Balckberry and LG.... Also are Galaxy Tabs, Apple I Pad etc.

Southern Smart Touch East Fort Thrissur

Flex Design for Southern Smart Touch, the Flagship Store of Southern Computers, Thrissur

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Online advt design in Thrissur

We do online advt. design with Flash, animation and other special effects. Banner advertisement, scroll, ear panel, Top banner, Bootom scroll, pop up advt. etc.

Online advertisement design in Thrissur

Internet Advertisements, Web Banners, Scrolls with Flash work and Animation with special effects. Due to the influx of smart phones and Tabs with net enabled facility, web search is on the rise and you can now multiply your business by doing ads on Internet. Pls call 9895039531 for more details on web and online advt.

Web Advt Designs in Thrissur

Internet Advertisements, Web Banners, Scrolls with Flash work and Animation with special effects. Due to the influx of smart phones and Tabs with net enabled facility, web search is on the rise and you can now multiply your business by doing ads on Internet. Pls call 9895039531 for more details on web and online advt.