Monday, January 21, 2013

Advertising Market in 2013

2013 seems to be not a good one with a head start for several businesses in India. The policies of the government to restrict Gold Import and Fuel price hike dampened the spirit of businessmen. Commodities are expecting a substantial increase in prices due to rising transportation charges across the country by both rail and road. The scanty rainfall means bad harvest and the subsequent grim outlook of the rural markets in India. Lack of Food products means high prices and the people will have to live with a small budget. This will deliver a hard punch to the advt. segment due to the budget squeeze by the marketing side. The global outlook is also not hopeful. Although the US averted the Fiscal Cliff for now, it will soon pop up to pull down the markets. Europe is struggling to minimise the recession. China is also at Cross roads now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Holy Communion Invitation Cards

First Holy Communion of the Child is a very important occasion of Life and it is celebrated throughout the Catholic World with great enthusiasm. We at C & O ad-ventures create exclusive Cards for First Holy Communion in Special Colours, themes and Custom Die cut designer Cards. The Holiness of First Holy Communion is reflected in our Invitations and the elements of Catholic Church are symbolically represented in the design. The Photo of the Child receiving First Holy Communion from Christ is depicted on the Card most of the times. The Holy Spirit is also a common figure on the FHC Card Design.

Wedding Invitation Designs

We are specialised in designing Invitations for Weddings/Marriages, Betrothals or Engagements for Christians, Hindus and Muslims. A Wedding Card is custom designed to the clients requirement and then printed in Offset or Colour Laser as per the Quantity required. The design may be simple with a fold or elaborate with several folds, Die cutting, folding or pasting in Indian or Imported Art Papers or special papers. Readymade Wedding Invitation Cards are available in the market but it has its limitations like no photos or themes can be printed in multicolour. It cannot be customised to special shapes and Designs etc. Please contact us with your specifications for your very special day invitations Unique. We do other Wedding Stationery like Thanks Card, Bachelor Party Card, RSVP cards etc.

Design Services in Thrissur

Top notch Designs from the Top and Leading Design firm in Thrissur, Kerala

Graphic Designing in Thrissur

The Best place to turn to for any Graphic design, Advertising needs in Thrissur. We do fresh and never seen before designs every time. Clients who are looking for Designs with a difference and out-of-the-box ideas can call 9895039531 for assistance.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blogging in 2013

I would like to take my Blog to a new level in 2013 with added features and revenue generating format. It is not worth to keep updating the blog for nothing. All that is happening is others stealing my designs and myself counting the Hit counter and exclaiming OMG.