Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alto 800 Showroom Display Platform Design

Celerio Showroom Display Platform Design

Celerio Car Key for Launching

Jewellery Advt for Valentines Day in Tamilnadu

Send off Invitation

Jewellery Invitation Design

Gift Voucher Design

Excess Baggage at CIAL Kochi

Here is a solution to carry/deliver your excess baggage at CIAL, Kochi. Courier Point based in Nedumbassery will deliver your excess baggage anywhere in the world on excess baggage fee lower than the airlines. It is a real boon to Malayalis who often come across this excess baggage problem at the airport. They will have to leave their favorite Pickles, Home made Snacks, Kerala Dress, and Handicrafts in the Airport due to Baggage excess weight. Call Courier point right from the Check in counter at CIAL.

Real Estate Flex Design

Automobile Dealer Offer Campaign Flex

Leaflet Design

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Handmade Soap Package design

JOSCO Advt over the years

JOSCO Jewellers, a Kerala based Jewellery group is leading the Advt. design trends in their Category. Over the years, their Advt. was crowded like others with not much vacant space. They packed all their marketing message into the advt alongside the model showing off her body fully covered with Gold. Their ads changed to a twin word caption with a Model and JOSCO address in the bottom. With their Logo change, came the new Russian Models wearing minimum jewellery and no Captions at all. Other are also slowly following suit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Copying of Designs

It is very easy to get Design Ideas and material these days. Go to the Internet and search. That is why I am getting some 150 hits daily and some 3000 to 5000 hits monthly. People copy design pictures and also get inspired by the ideas. It is good for them and some of them regularly visit my blog without leaving their imprint. I would like to find some comments on my blog(Both positive and negative) but people are reluctant to leave any comments...because they think that will disclose their identity. That is why I have few followers... !! But my Blog has a hit count of 2 lakh forty thousand...!! If it was on FB, it would have been a remarkable achievement.