Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vishu Greeting Card Design for Jewellery Shop

Brochure Design for Liquid Storage Coldstore Logistics Company

Natural Handmade Soap Label and Wrapper Design

This is a unique Natural Handmade Soap from pure beauty enhancing elements of nature like Turmeric, Tulasi, Sandalwood etc. packed in Eco friendly Arecanut Palm leaf Soap case.

BRD Car World 2014 FIFA World Cup Fixture Poster Design

BRD Car World FIFA World Cup Promotional Designs for Showroom

BRD Car World 2014 FIFA World Cup Promotional Designs

Maruti Suzuki Rainbow Festival Notice Design

Notice Design for Ayurveda Medicines

I got my First Payment through Google Adsense It works

I just got $ 100.00 through Google Adsense from my Blog Even though I started it in 2007, I am happy to earn something through my Blog now in 2014 atleast
. Thank you Google.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 Cents of Prime Land for Sale next to Latin Church, Thrissur, Kerala

23 cents of Prime Land for sale in Thrissur next to Sacred Heart Latin church. With 60 feet frontage and Road on 2 sides, the land is ideal for Commercial Buildings and Apartments. It is also situated in a good residential neighborhood. Latin church is the famous pilgrim centre of St. Antony's and has special Novena on every Tuesday. Thousands of people attend the mass and get blessings. A highly spiritual place for all those who seek the blessings and favors of St. Antony. Call 9895039531 for more details

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good News A Saint from Ollur Bl Euphrasia

Blessed Euphrasia from St. Mary's Convent to become Saint Euphrasia on Nov 23rd. Proclamation in Vatican Rome on that day. C & O ad-ventures is blessed to Design the Tomb for St. Euphrasia.

Monday, June 9, 2014

C & O ad-ventures: Beauty has an Address Visit Oman

C & O ad-ventures: Beauty has an Address Visit Oman

Beauty has an Address Visit Oman

Oman is a country in the Middle East having borders with UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Oman is having a large coast line on the Arabian Sea. Muscat is the capital city and several other big and small cities dot the country. The landscape varies widely from beautiful deserts to rugged mountains and lush green countrysides to white sandy beaches. The vibrant city of Muscat with beautiful ornate mosques and shining souks with world renowned brands showcasing their products. The Muslim culture reflects its friendliness and hospitality to visitors. The city and suburbs are beautifully landscaped with gardens and boulevards welcoming guests arriving at Seeb International Airport. Sulthan Qaboos is the ruler of Oman for several years now. I had a chance to visit Muscat back in 1998 while I was working in Saudi Arabia. I joined my sister and her family living in Muscat that time. I visited several important places in Muscat. I liked the wide roads from the Airport to the city centre with flowers and small patches of lush green lawns on both sides of the roads for several Kilometers. It was a very beautiful sight. The cosmopolitan atmosphere in Muscat heralds the rich culture and wealth of the Sulthanate. I heard about beauty of the city of Salalah from other people. But it is far away from Muscat near the Yemen border. So I did not get time to visit Salalah. So I would like to visit this place if I get a chance. I heard that the climate in Salalah is also very favourable unlike the rest of the country. The green landscape makes it cool and comfortable. The greenery of the city and suburbs give way to cool misty climes in the hills and forests beyond. There are beautiful lakes and big waterfalls in the hills. I would love to make a trip to this green paradise in the desert country. It will really thrilling to enjoy such a beautiful and unimaginable place in Oman. I love the Arabian cuisine and would like to taste the arabian dishes once again. The seaside of Salalah will bring in lot of fresh seafood also. Grilled fish will be really mouthwatering. I also want to explore the city and its culture. I have read that Oman had trading relations with India in the olden times. The traders from Oman sailed to Calicut in Kerala and brought back Spices and Coir. A beach outing will be nice to know more about the seaside activities there. I am sure Oman has many things to offer a tourist that will be remembered for a lifetime.