Monday, January 16, 2017

Teaveda by TATA TEA the flaws in package design

The latest offering from TATA TEA called Teaveda has hit the stores in a new package. The Tagline reads Goodness of Ayurveda. But the graphics shows a Yoga posture. The advertising agencies who does the creatives for this product does not distinguish the difference between Yoga and Ayurveda it seeems. Mostly the agencies from Delhi or Mumbai creates the ads for big Indian corporates. They seems less concerned about the content and its regional or real time meaning or interpretations. Some ads for South Indian audience have VO and actors with no bearing to that region. A product with Ayurvedic contents like Brahmi and Tulsi has to be having graphics related to Ayurveda. The modern companies with an outlook to relate Lotus, Yoga and Frankipani flowers to Ayurveda does not realise that these things have no connection with authentic Ayurveda. The customers may like or relate to it but actually the public is mislead by these graphical illustrations. The advertising agencies on the other hand prefer these elements because of their visual beauty and nothing beyond that.