Sunday, September 17, 2017

Boycott Chinese Products

Chinese products are flooding all over the world for many years now. They are tactically using this export success to their advantage. They can swing a lot of political and economical decisions of several governments in the world to their favor. They are also cleverly embedding spying softwares and malwares to extract business, political, military and other information from many countries. Hence several countries are now banning chinese goods and restrict their export and import activities. India too has recently seen the Chinese incursions on its border. Chinese is very aggressive and trying to bully India in many areas. At the same time, Chinese goods especially high end mobile phones are selling millions of pcs in India and there by draining our money to their business interests. This cannot happen. Boycott all Chinese goods and ban/restrict all business activities with China. We have designed a Sticker to popularise this message and anyone freely download and post this sticker in their office, shops, firms, companies and even vehicles to pass on this message.