Sunday, December 9, 2018

Banmboo Toys, Bastelarbeiten, Dekorationsartikel

Banmboo Toys, Bastelarbeiten, Dekorationsartikel. Avoid Plastic Toys. Give your children eco friendly Bamboo Toys. Made from naturally treated Bamboo, these toys and handicraft items are ideal to decorate your homes. It will last for a long time and does not cause any environmental damage. Made by village artisans of Kerala, India, it gives a livlihood to poor communities in the forests of Wayanad District of Kerala. Contact George 9895039531.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Lord Vishnu Ananthasaynam Gold Necklace

Ananthasayanam is a famous pose of Lord Vishnu or Anantha Padmanabhan as is known in Trivandrum, Kerala. It is replicated in a Gold Necklace Pendant by highly skilled artisans. The Gold Locket is marvellous and has the finest and tiniest detail of Ananthasayanam. The Pendant is hardly 4 cms in length and the whole necklace weighs around 54 gms Gold. It is for sale and it comes at a bargain price because of less making charge. Call 9895039531 for details.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bio Degradeable Eco Friendly Areca Leaf Plates

Contact George 9895039531 for premuim quality Areca Leaf Bio plates in bulk qauntities supplied worldwide quickly and competitive rates.

Bio Degradeable Eco Friendly Banana Fibre Paper Straw

A great alternative to Plastic straw which is causing a great menace to mankind the world over. Plastic straws are dumped in landfills and oceans that pollute the environment for years. A healthy and eco friendly alternative is now available. Paper straw made out of Banana stem fibre is slowly replacing the plastic and even paper straws. Paper straws already in market depletes the forests because of the requirement of trees to make paper pulp. Banana stems are discarded in plantations after harvesting the Bananas and hence a waste which is recycled to make the straw. Contact George 9895039531 for Banana Fibre Paper Straws

Monday, October 29, 2018

Wedding Anniversary Poster Design

Visiting Card design

Temple Navrathri Notice Design

Vision Honda HR Training Poster

Funeral Album Design and Print for Rs 2000

Funeral Album Design and Print for Rs 2000.

Flyer for Budget Meals

Ila Sadhya at Hotel Merlin International, Thrissur, Kerala

Death Anniversary Newspaper Advt

Death Anniversary Newspaper Advt

C & O ad-ventures for Death Anniversary Newspaper Advt. Invitations, Thanks Cards and other related works

43rd Day of Demise Album Design and Print Rs. 2000

Album printing is very expensive these days. Whether it is for a Wedding, Baptism, Holy Communion or Death related occasions. Here is an Album in Multicolour with Glossy Lamination and Binding for just 2000 Rupees.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

German Visa for BSc Nurses and Job assistance


Pingme Tours and Travels

Nursing jobs in Germany for Kerala BSc Nurses

Pingme Tours & Travels and Study Abroad based in Thrissur Kerala is a reliable and competent firm to get Nursing Jobs in Germany. They have a very quick and reliable process to find Job Offers from German Employers and do the Visa processing very fast so that the candidate can reach Germany in the shortest time possible.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Study and Work Abroad in Germany for Keralites

Pingme Study Abroad will assist you to easily obtain a Study Work Visa for Germany. Highly affordable rates and proper guidance for all Visa related procedures

Kerala Nurses for Jobs in Germany

A Golden Opportunity for BSc Nurses from Kerala to work in Germany. Very easy process and highly affordable rates. Pingme Travels and Study Abroad in Thrissur will assist you get the German Job Visa