Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrissur Kuri Companies

Thrissur based Kuri Companies are on a Roll these days. They are the new kids on the Advt. spending block. Big time on Print and TV as well. Giving full page colour and centre spread advt. in Newspapers, Vanitha, Veedu, Grihalakshmi and other mags. Trying out all soughts of captions to pin down the customers. Some funny and weird like " No need to pay the Kuri instalment if the customer dies" How is that ??
Another captions goes like this. Rs. 40,000 to buy a Nano car or Rs. 5 Lakh to buy a BMW car. Sounds smart ?? An elegant BMW or Nano picture on the brochure...
The Kuri coffers are registering huge pile up of cash. People are happily walking out with cash in hand and fulfilling their dreams.