Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monsoon 2014 Fails in Kerala

Monsoon, the most celebrated season that is unique to Kerala has failed in 2014. It is July 8th today and there is no water in the ponds, rivers and dams in Kerala. Unlike last year, no flooding in low lying areas and paddy fields in Kerala during this period. The Monsoon weather forecast predicted less rain this year, but this is far out if their guess and estimates. Power cuts will soon be back. A church even prayed last week for rain and good monsoon this year which is a real tragedy in the history of Kerala. The usual shouting of Monsoon offers and Adi Sale is going on everywhere in Kerala. Ayurveda firms are prepared for their annual ritual of Monsoon special treatment packages. But there is no rain and people may be reluctant to drink the medicinal porridge or 'Karkkadaka Kanji' and enlist for the ayurvedic wellness treatment recommended during monsoon. Right now people and media are immersed in Football WC and soon after that, we can hear them crying for rain. Newspapers will start updates of water levels in Dams 2013 vs 2014. Photos of dried up rivers and dams. Kerala state will be in dire straits this year and Summer will be like Hell in 2015.