Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Office of C and O ad-ventures

The new Office of C & O ad-ventures was blessed on 23rd Nov 2013. A great moment in our path as we entered our 10th year. Thank you all.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Platinum Day of Love

Platinum is one of the most expensive metals available on earth. It is rare and hard to find and hence priceless. Platinum is usually related to something eternal due to these exclusiveness. True Love is also pure, everlasting and eternal. So Platinum is the most preferred gift of Love. It surpasses the beauty and glitter of any other metal and stone. Gifting a Platinum ornament to your Love shows your pure and everlasting bond to her. I would love to gift a simple but pretty piece of Platinum jewelry to my lover on her birthday. I prefer Platinum above all other jewelry articles. Be it Gold, Silver, Diamond or precious stones. The glitter and radiance of Platinum is marvelous. It is acknowledged by any Jewelry designer. Girls also prefer Platinum and love to wear an ornament made of Platinum. It is a fashion accessory that is envied by others. Platinum will fetch immediate attention of everyone. It stands above the rest. I would love to gift my love with a Platinum pendant in the shape of Love. It has to have a white gold band around her neck with a cute and little heart shaped pendant. I will take my love for a trip to an exotic tropical beach. We will have a candle lit dinner on the beach with the setting sun as the background. The quiet waves will be whispering I Love You. So will I ... and that moment I will surprise her and present her with the Platinum Pendant as a token of my pure, everlasting and eternal love.