Friday, August 29, 2008

The Breaking News

Every one is eager to know the latest news and the news readers know this exactly than anyone else. View any TV News Channel and you could see the news readers going like bullet trains to spit out the Breaking news. They seem to breathe faster, getting nervous at times, gasping and panting, shaking sometimes as if they are breathing their last breath. All this to deliver the hot news live and fresh and then you will hear them say.. now time for a short break, we will return soon after the commercial break....
All their record breaking speed in speech is to get maximum time for the commercials. Nothing else. That is what they look for the revenues. The listener could hardly make out the story or the news but watch the last moments of the news readers.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The new Horlicks advt. ASKING FOR A SIZE CHANGE for kids with the kids making a "premature" statement.
Badlo apne bachpan ka size..!!!
The advt. is very disturbing and the Tagline is off the limits. I am a father of two young kids and I don't think the message will bring in any positive results. The kids of India are already growing at an all time high in terms of height, weight and "everything else" and I mean that including the size of their under wears. They now need bigger sizes, thanks to Horlicks and other steroid injected food material they are getting to eat.
Mr. Prashant Pandey is trying to justify the advt. But the kids seeing and hearing these kind of inspiring Tag lines will try to become more aggressive and the result will be a bigger and better size that will lead to more number of eve teasing, rapes and street brawls. Then the society will cry out loud against the crime committed to the kids, youth etc. etc.
What is the Advt. watchdog ASCI doing ? Ban this advt. right away.