Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hi Fashion Trendy Frocks delivered Worldwide thru Couriers

We, C & O fab-ventures stitch elegant Frocks in the latest party circle patterns and trends. Kerala is witnessing a big change in Girls Frock designs for Kids and Teens during the numerous functions being held on occasions like Baptism, Birthday, Christening, First Holy Communion, Wedding, Death Anniversary, Onam, Christmas etc. Theme based frocks for each occasion is a trend now. Mothers are competing to dress up their girls like a Princess for any occasion. Even Girls are wearing hi - fashion cloths and accessories to Sunday Catechism and Sunday mass. The dress is being admired by everyone. Girls wearing such trendy party wears are in the limelight and photographers and video graphers compete each other to photograph them in the best angles. We do custom designs for every occasion and deliver it worldwide. Call Reeja 9633392021

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