Thursday, November 26, 2015

Disposable Food Plates or Bio Plates made of Areca Leaf from Kerala

Food Plate made of Areca Leaf is Bio-degradable and good for the environment. It is made of natural Areca Palm leaves sourced from Kerala. It can be used for serving hot or cold food like Rice, Fish, Chicken, Vegetables, Fruits. Desserts, Icecream, Soups & Salads. It is heat resistant and can be easily disposed. Completely decomposes in soil and is not a hazardous waste like plastic. Also called Bio Plates, these Food plates are available in various size, shapes and textures. This Areca leaf disposable food plates are better than Natural wood plates and does not deplete the forests by cutting down trees. The ripe Areca leaves fall down naturally from the palm and is picked up to process in most hygienic methods to manufacture high quality food plates.The leaves are collected by local people and transported to the manufacturing location and then , sterilized, steamed and pressed into plates. Our manufacturing facility in Kerala, India is maintaining fair trade practices, ensuring that production adheres to principles of sustainable communities as well as materials.The process uses no chemicals, glues or bonding agents, and over 80% of the water used during the steaming and pressing process is recaptured and recycled. Disposable Trays, tableware which are eco-friendly, compostable and user friendly to handle.The next time you venture out for a picnic in the park, consider a greener food ware product- Our products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can safely hold oils and water, be stored in the fridge, are microwave-safe, AND are 100% compostable. Made of 100% natural fibers from Areca Palm and no chemical additives! While there are several biodegradable food container companies on the market, some potato starch based; some corn starch based, Areca leaf plate is among the most durable and safe- decomposable in the compost and dispersed in water in just two weeks. It is 100% recyclable food container and can be used to store food. Dishware Made From Fallen Leaves. Save the Planet from pollution and garbage. Please call George 9895039531 for more details.

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